7. Choral, Vocal, Dramatic

Matthew Hindson – Catalogue of Works – Choral, Vocal and Dramatic Works

(See also the Orchestral category for works for choir and orchestra.)

Central Australian Song
soprano, oboe, Eb clarinet, horn, violin, piano (2009), 15 minutes

Undergrowths (from Love, Death, Music and Plants)
Baritone and guitar (2003), 5 minutes
Audio excerpt:

Love, Death, Music and Plants: A Musical Infringement on the life of Baron Ferdinand von Mueller
baritone, mezzo-soprano, violin, guitar, cello, SATB chorus (a music theatre piece) (2003), 90 minutes

massed SATB choir and two pianos (2001), 20 minutes
Audio excerpts – live performance:
first movement:

third movement:

The Blue Alice
SATB and orchestra (2001), 6 minutes

Velvet Dreams
SATB and piano or orchestra (2000), 6 minutes

The Rage Within
6 part vocal ensemble, 2 perc, 2 keyboard, live electronics (1999), 8 minutes

SATB choir, piano and 3 perc., or piano, or orchestra (1997), 9 minutes

Insect Songs
mezzo soprano and guitar (1998), 11 minutes
Audio: second movement premiere performance – Cicadas at Night

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