Discover Australian Music

Some of my music is available via a new site from ABC Classics entitled Discover Australian Music.  Recordings released on ABC Classics can be streamed via Spotify directly from the site.  Recordings including Speed, Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy (violin and piano version), Kalkadungu and technologic 135 for string quartet. Here is the page on me from the site itself:

Two works performed at 2010 Edinburgh Festival

This year, I have two works being performed at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival. The first is “Energy”, the first movement from my recent ballet for the Birmingham Royal Ballet e=mc2, which will be performed by the Sydney Symphony conducted by Maesto Vladimir Ashkenazy. This concert is on 2 Sept. The second piece is “Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy”, performed by the amazing violin/piano duo, Duo Sol. This concert is on 3 Sept.

New work for Southern Cross Soloists

I have very recently completed a new work for the outstanding Australian ensemble, Southern Cross Soloists, featuring Jack Liebeck (pictured below). The piece is entitled “Central Australian Song”, and is based upon issues of nuclear testing in Australia. (Note: this title is not up to my usual standard – suggestions welcomed.) If you are in Sydney, you can catch the concert on 10 October, 8pm, at the Independent Theatre in North Sydney.


Tonight marks the premiere of the ballet score e=mc2, commissioned by the Birmingham Royal Ballet, as part of their Quantum Leaps programme. The premiere is 24 September 2009 at the Birmingham Hippodrome, conducted by Paul Murphy. The piece is constructed as a symphony in four movements: Energy, Mass (Einstein), Manhattan Project and Speed of Light Squared (Constant). It has been a great pleasure to work on this piece with choreographer David Bintley. His piece is thoroughly engaging, moving and extremely Continue reading e=mc2