Two works performed at 2010 Edinburgh Festival

This year, I have two works being performed at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival. The first is “Energy”, the first movement from my recent ballet for the Birmingham Royal Ballet e=mc2, which will be performed by the Sydney Symphony conducted by Maesto Vladimir Ashkenazy. This concert is on 2 Sept. The second piece is “Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy”, performed by the amazing violin/piano duo, Duo Sol. This concert is on 3 Sept.

Lament (1996)

for cello and piano duration: 8-10 minutes Faber Music publishing details, also available in version for viola and piano, and cello (or bassoon) and orchestra Audio (10 minutes) Programme Notes Lament was written not long after the memorial service for the victims of the Port Arthur massacre of May 1996. It is not so much a direct response to this event in particular, but rather an attempt to capture the feeling of immense sadness that was present at this, and Continue reading Lament (1996)

In Search of Ecstasy (1995)

for alto saxophone and piano also available for tenor saxophone and piano duration: 6 minutes Faber Music publishing details Audio Recording – James Nightingale (sax), Kerry Yong (piano) Programme Notes In Search of Ecstasy was written in 1996 at the request of a young saxophonist who wanted a piece that was not phenomenally difficult for the instrument, and yet was still effective and which fitted into the everyday conception of what the instrument can do. The term ‘Ecstasy’ in the Continue reading In Search of Ecstasy (1995)

Night Pieces (1998)

for oboe and piano also available in a version for soprano saxophone and piano duration: 7 minutes Faber Music publishing details Audio Excerpt Programme Notes The two Night Pieces were written as contrasting movements. The first movement, “Night Song” contains a lyrical quality, and in particular there is a sense of nostalgic poignancy that is intended. As the title suggests, the second movement, “Night Dance” is inspired by dance music, in particular some forms of middle-eastern music. It uses quarter-tones Continue reading Night Pieces (1998)

Nintendo Music (2005)

for clarinet and piano duration: 7 minutes Faber Music publishing details Audio: excerpt from opening two minutes, performed by Marcel Luxen(cl.): Programme Notes The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was a revolutionary video game system that took the world by storm in the 1980s and early 1990s. One of its main features was its use of music: in particular, its design limitations with three monophonic synthesizers and one ‘noise’ chip embedded within the machine itself lead to a very distinctive style Continue reading Nintendo Music (2005)