“Light is both a particle and a wave” – new work

A new major work has recently been completed for the Australia Ensemble, one of Australia’s longest running and most recognised chamber ensembles. The piece is entitled Light is both a particle and a wave, and is based upon two main ideas:

first, some of the physical properties of light, including its dual nature as a particle and a wave, and that time is perceived to slow down the closer to the speed of light at which one travels; and

second, the present and imagined future notions of technological progress – from the rough and tumble competition of today’s innovation to a future where the concept of time is completely different (as per the short story “Glory”, by Australian science-fiction author, Greg Egan.

A piece of 20 minutes duration, Light is both a particle and a wave will be premiered by the Australia Ensemble on Sat 23 October, 2010.