Kalkadunga at G’Day USA 2009

The final movement of the Kalkadungu (co-composed by and featuring didjeridu virtuoso William Barton) was performed recently as part of the 2009 G’Day USA celebration concerts in Royce Hall, LA and Carnegie Hall, NY. The performers were William Barton and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Arvo Volmer. The concerts were favourably reviewed, including by the LA Times.

Kalkadungu – co-written with William Barton

William Barton and I are having a new composition premiered by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House on 2-4 April, 2008. The work is called Kalkadungu, which is the name of the tribe from which William originates. It’s scored for a soloist playing electric guitar, singing and didjeridu (obviously William is performing this part!) with orchestra. It was very interesting being part of a co-commission, that is, the piece was written both by Continue reading Kalkadungu – co-written with William Barton