Auto-Electric (2003)

for orchestra (2222 4221 Hp 2Pc Strings)
duration: 5 minutes

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Audio Excerpt

Programme Notes

Commissioned by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra for their 2003 Education Programme, Auto-Electric is a five-minute work for orchestra. The main motive of the piece comes from the rhythm of the title, i.e. the rhythm of the phrase “auto-electric” . Stated at the opening by a solo trumpet, this motive works its way around the orchestra in many different forms, predominantly at a fast tempo.

The phrase “auto-electric” refers to the electrical systems of motor vehicles. This piece also uses images of cars and trucks travelling past at high speeds as another source of inspiration.

(prog.note by Matthew Hindson)

CD Recording Available?

Not yet. .

Other Information

This work was performed as part of The Queensland Orchestra‘s 2005 Education series.

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