1. Orchestral Works

Sections: Orchestra, Concertos, Works for Choir + Orchestra/Wind Symphony


Homage to Metallica

for orchestra incl. solo amplified 1/8 sized violin (1993), 14 minutes

Excerpt from third section of Homage to Metallica


for orchestra (1996), 16 minutes


for orchestra (1996/8), 6 minutes

excerpt from “LiteSpeed” – which is a shorter version of SPEED


for orchestra (1996/8), also available for amateur orchestra, also available for concert band, also available for brass band: 4 minutes

excerpt from RPM

view score of full orchestra version
view score of wind symphony version
view score of brass band version
view score of schools orchestra version


for orchestra (1998), 8 minutes

Rave-Elation (Schindowski Mix)

for orchestra (1998/2003), 14 minutes

Excerpt from “Rave-Elation”

view score of 8 minute version
view score of Schindowski version

Boom Box

for orchestra (1999), 4 minutes

Excerpt from “Boom Box”

view score of Boom Box


for orchestra (2001), also for symphonic wind ensemble, also for brass band, 6 minutes. View score of orchestra version. View score of wind symphony version. View score of brass band version/

A Symphony of Modern Objects (Symphony No.1)

for orchestra (2003), 41 minutes. View score

excerpt from first movement: “Silicon Revolution”
excerpt from third movement: “Twisted Ladders”


for orchestra (2003), 5 minutes. View score

Flash Madness

for orchestra (2006), 5 minutes. View score

An Infernal Machine

for orchestra (2006), 5 minutes. View score

Dangerous Creatures: a suite for orchestra

for orchestra (2008), 21 minutes. View score

e=mc2 (Symphony No. 2)

for orchestra (2009), 40 minutes. View score

“Energy” from e=mc2

for orchestra (2009/2010), 10 minutes. View score

Faster – a ballet inspired by the Olympic logo, “Faster, Higher, Stronger”

for orchestra (2012), 34 minutes. View score

The third movement of Faster, “Marathon”

The stars above us all

for orchestra (2012), 5 minutes. View score

Bright Red Overture

for orchestra with optional didjeridu (2013), 6 minutes. View score

Opening of Bright Red Overture, performed by Sydney Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra, cond. Eduardo DiazmuƱoz

Symphony No. 3: The Returned Soldier

for orchestra (2014), 25 minutes. View score


for orchestra in a non-standard space (2014), 18 minutes

Lullaby for Mabel

for orchestra (2016), 5 minutes

A Comedy of Errors

a ballet in two acts for orchestra (2022), 90 minutes. View score.

A Comedy of Errors Ballet Suite

for orchestra (2024), 24 minutes, in preparation

Big Steel

for orchestra/youth orchestra (2023), 8 minutes

My Brilliant Career

a ballet score for orchestra (2023), 50 minutes

Excerpts from scenes of “My Brilliant Career” in rehearsal. NB score is the computer-realisation for the rehearsals – not a real orchestra!

Dancing With Dinosaurs

a fanfare for orchestra (2023), 5 minutes


In Memoriam: Amplified Cello Concerto

amplified cello and orchestra (2000), 30 minutes. View score

Excerpt from cello cadenza, first movement.
Excerpt from Lament, first movement.
Excerpt from opening section of 2nd movement, “Celebration”

Extra reading and full recording on ABC Classic site

From the first movement, “Wind Turbine at Kooragang Island”

The Rave and the Nightingale

string quartet and string orchestra (2001), 16 minutes
view score

Percussion Concerto

percussion and orchestra (2005), 22 minutes
view score

House Music (Flute Concerto)

solo flute and orchestra (2006), 28 minutes. View score

Eliza Shephard performs the third movement, “Lounge” in this live recording.


co-composed with William Barton
voice, electric guitar (optional), didjeridu (one player) and orchestra (2007), 22 minutes
view score

Ictalurus Punctatis

amplified cello and orchestra (2008), 7 minutes
view score

Crime and Punishment

for double bass and strings (2011), 12 minutes
view score


for violin and string orchestra (2011), 11 minutes. View score

An astonishing performance by Amalia Hall on this recording.

Concerto for Two Pianos

two pianos and orchestra (2011), 24 minutes. View score

Violin Concerto No. 2

for violin, strings and percussion (2014), 24 minutes

Concerto for Soprano Saxophone

for soprano saxophone and orchestra (2019), 26 minutes
View Score

Trumpet Concerto

for trumpet and ensemble of 7 players (2020), 16 minutes

Violin Concerto No. 3, “Baroquerie”

for violin, strings and harpsichord (2024-5), 22 minutes – in preparation

Cello Concerto, “Narcisse Pelletier”

for cello and orchestra, with optional choir (2024-6), 24 minutes – in preparation

“Rock Star” – Concerto for Amplified Cello No. 2

for amplified cello and orchestra (2024-4), 24 minutes – in preparation

Choir + Orchestra or Wind Symphony

Velvet Dreams

SATB choir and orchestra (1998), 6 minutes. View score

Recording of Velvet Dreams from the premiere performance, NSW Arts Unit choir and orchestra at the Sydney Opera House


SATB choir and orchestra (1999), 9 minutes. View score

The Blue Alice

SATB choir and orchestra (2000), 6 minutes. View score

Recording of “The Blue Alice”

It is better to be feared than loved

text by Niccolo Machiavelli
Massed SATB choir and orchestra (2014), 14 minutes. View score

Electric Rain

Massed SAB choir and wind symphony (2019), 10 minutes

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