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Premiere recording of “Nintendo Music”

Nintendo Music, for clarinet in A and piano, has recently been recorded by Marcel Luxen (clarinet) and Shane Thio (piano).

For a sneak peak check out Marcel’s site at and click on the Listen tag at the bottom of the image on the new page.

Marcel Luxen CD containing Nintendo Music
Marcel Luxen's CD 'North Sound East West' containing Nintendo Music

It’s a wonderful recording and captures the joy of 8 bit gaming very well. I am told by other clarinettists that successfully performing some of this piece is as difficult as beating Battletoads, so this fabulous recording is a great achievement.

ABC Australian Music recordings online

ABC Classic FM, Australia’s national fine music broadcaster, has released a wonderful series of historic recordings of Australian music on a new website, Australian Music Presented (AMP).

The ABC has recorded a significant number of Australian works throughout its history. This is a wonderful initiative in terms of making recordings of Australian music available to the world.

One piece of mine has been included in the initial tranch: In Memoriam (Concerto for Amplified Cello and Orchestra). This is from the premiere performance with soloist Nathan Waks and conductor Richard Gill with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Violin concerto CD released: Lara St. John

A CD containing the recording of my violin concerto has recently been released by Ancalgon, featuring internationally renowned violinist Lara St. John with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sarah Ioannides.

This is a really amazing recording in a number of ways. Firstly the performance is outstanding, as can be expected. Secondly, it is available not just as a normal CD but also in Super CD audio. Thirdly, there are some excellent other pieces on the disc: John Corigliano’s Red Violin Suite and also Liszt’s Totentanz arranged for violin instead of the normal piano by Martin Kennedy and Lara herself.

Audio Excerpts:

Excerpt from “Wind Turbine at Kooragang Island” (first mvt.):

Excerpt from “Westerway” (second mvt.):

Excerpt from “Grand Final Day” (third mvt.):

This disc is available through, through CD retailers worldwide and also through iTunes (search for Hindson in the iTunes store – they even have the complete liner notes).

Tempos in Little Chrissietina, technologic 1-2

If you happen to have received the CD Matthew Hindson: String Music for Young Players, you will hear some extremely fast playing in Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy and the second movement of technologic 1-2.

The tempos in each of these recordings are at the very top end in terms of tempo: perhaps even a little too fast – and I only have myself to blame for pushing the performers to these speeds! So if you are thinking of perhaps playing either of these works, rest assured that they’re just as effective at a slightly slower tempo.

New CD/CD-ROM: “String Music for Young Players”

I’ve always been interested in writing music for young musicians. While they may not always have the sophistication in performance of professional players, their enthusiasm and willingness to give things a go can often resulting in an envigorating performance.

My association with MLC School (a private girls’ school in Sydney) goes back to 1993, when I was first appointed as Director of Strings. During this time, I wrote a lot of music for the school ensembles as well as individual string players.

This collaboration has continued with this CD release. It contains premiere recordings of many works, including “Makedonsko Oro” from Balkan Connection, Love Serenade, technologic 1-2, Gentle Giant, Lullaby, Junior String Orchestra Suite, FourScore, “Grand Final Day” from the Violin Concerto No. 1 (in a violin and piano version), and Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy (2 violin version).

If you would like a complimentary copy of this CD/CD-ROM, then you can contact me through the Contact section of this website.