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Recording of “The Stars Above Us All”

Written for the HUSH Music Foundation, “The Stars Above Us All” has recently been released on a disc of Australian music.  This disc is written to provide calming and engaging music for children undergoing treatment in hospitals, as well as their parents and administering doctors and surgeons.

“The Stars Above Us All” was premiered by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra at the beginning of December 2013, and the entire concert was broadcast live on ABC Classic FM.  Myself and other composers involved, including Maria Grenfell, Brenton Broadstock, Paul Stanhope, Elena Kats-Chernin and Stuart Greenbaum, were involved signing CDs for 25 minutes after the concert.



Discover Australian Music

Some of my music is available via a new site from ABC Classics entitled Discover Australian Music.  Recordings released on ABC Classics can be streamed via Spotify directly from the site.  Recordings including Speed, Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy (violin and piano version), Kalkadungu and technologic 135 for string quartet.

Here is the page on me from the site itself: