Didjeribluegrass (2005)

for didjeridu (in E) and string quartet
also available in a version for didjeridu, string orchestra and percussion
duration: 8 minutes

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Audio excerpt
Final two minutes:

Complete piece (didj and string quartet version):

Programme Notes

As the title suggests, Didjeribluegrass incorporates some aspects of bluegrass music, in particular the fast ‘fiddling’ style of string playing that includes many open strings.

Bluegrass music is especially associated with regional areas, and this seemed good match with the first performances of this piece that took place in towns in western Queensland. The didjeridu sometimes works with this soundworld, but at other times either co-exists or seems to work against the string parts, taking over through improvisation and assume a more prominent role.

Didjeribluegrass was commissioned by the Australian Festival of Chamber Music with the financial assistance of the Australia Council, the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body. The duration of Didjeribluegrass is approximately 8 minutes.

CD Recording Available?

    Not at this time.

Other Information

This piece was premiered by William Barton  and the Fyra Quartet in July 2005 as part of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music ‘s tour of western Queensland, Australia.

It was subsequently performed in its string orchestra version by The Queensland Orchestra.

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