FourScore (1992)

for four violins

duration: 3-4 minutes

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Programme Notes

FourScore was written in 1992 specifically for the Geelong Orchestral Composers Competition,
where it was the winning work. As an ex-string player I wanted to write an energetic and up-tempo work based upon motor-type rhythms that would be both challenging and fun to play – it has been described as containing “the energy and beauty of Vivaldi, but in a twentieth century idiom.”

FourScore follows a largely ternary (three-part ABA) structure, with the opening material returning at its conclusion, altered for reasons of contrast.

notes by Matthew Hindson.

CD Recording Available?

      This work is recorded on the disc

Matthew Hindson: String Music for Young Players

    . This disc is available free of charge by contacting the composer.

Other Information

This piece is a suitable work for performance as part of the NSW Higher School Certificate Music Examination.

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