In Search of Ecstasy (1995)

for alto saxophone and piano

also available for tenor saxophone and piano

duration: 7 minutes

Faber Music publishing details

Audio Recording – James Nightingale (sax), Kerry Yong (piano)

Programme Notes

In Search of Ecstasy was written in 1996 at the request of a young saxophonist who wanted a piece that was not phenomenally difficult for the instrument, and yet was still effective and which fitted into the everyday conception of what the instrument can do.

The term ‘Ecstasy’ in the title has two meanings. There is a sense of meditative contemplation, perhaps on a mountain top, that can bring an ecstatic sense of peace and tranquillity. On the other hand, ecstasy implies over-the-top joy, and this is also included in this piece.

Large parts of In Search of Ecstasy are influenced by popular music, in particular the aspects of the techno genre. It has proven to be an immensely popular work for young saxophonists, being regularly performed as part of Year 12 Music Examinations in NSW.

notes by Matthew Hindson.

CD Recording Available?

A recording of this piece was available on the CD/CD-ROM “DRIVE”, which was available from the Australian Music Centre. It is now sold out, but I hope to upload the recording to Spotify soon.

Other Information
The score of this work is available through Promethean Editions (NZ).

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