Night Pieces (1998)

for oboe and piano

Also available in a version for soprano saxophone and piano

Also available in a version for clarinet and piano

Duration: 7 minutes

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Audio Excerpt

Programme Notes

The two Night Pieces were written as contrasting movements.

The first movement, “Night Song” contains a lyrical quality, and in particular, there is a sense of nostalgic poignancy that is intended.

As the title suggests, the second movement, “Night Dance” is inspired by dance music, in particular some forms of middle-eastern music. It uses quarter-tones as a decorative device: these being the notes found ‘in between’ the notes of the piano.

notes by Matthew Hindson.

CD Recording Available?

      • Available on the

    Tall Poppies disc, Bright Vessel, performed by Stephen Robinson and Elyane Laussade

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