Shakedown (2008)

for amplified shakuhachi and audio playback
duration: approx 11 minutes

Faber Music publishing details, including online score

Programme Notes

Many will people will be aware of the physical and emotional state experienced directly after being the recipient of a violent crime (e.g. a mugging, a home invasion, an assault). In addition to the rush of adrenaline there may be panic, fear, anger and aggression, all within an overall state of confusion and disbelief.

It is conceivable that the shakuhachi could be used as a weapon of self-defence in such situations, and this work uses the above reactions as a starting point.

Shakedown deliberately places the wonderfully mellifluous sound of the shakuhachi within a context of distorted, prerecorded violence. The CD part also demonstrates influences of electronic dance music and Japanese noise music.

Matthew Hindson, 2008

CD Recording Available?

Not at this time.

Other Information

Shakedown was premiered by Yoshio Kurahashi at the World Shakuhachi Festival in the City Recital Hall, Sydney, Australia on 5 July 2008.

A version for amplified bass flute and audio playback is under consideration.