The Metallic Violins (2008)

for two violins.

duration: 8 minutes

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Programme Notes

Adapted from a work for solo violin, The Metallic Violins uses as its inspiration the manic, wild and over-the-top electric guitar solos commonly found in varieties of heavy metal music. Known as ‘shredding’, the point of such solos is to demonstrate the performer’s virtuosity, especially in playing as fast as possible. There are a number of blistering passages for each of the violinists in this piece and it certainly requires extensive technical facility on the part of the performers.

Further reference to the heavy metal inspiration in this work can be observed through the use of a dark-sounding set of pitches and the use of similar rhythmic figures to those employed by ‘cheese-metal’ bands such as Dream Theater.


notes by Matthew Hindson.

Ordering Information

The full score and parts may be ordered from the Australian Music Centre

CD Recording Available?

This piece is available on a disc entitled “The Metallic Violins”, released by Tall Poppies, featuring violinists Natsuko Yoshimoto and James Cuddeford who gave the work’s premiere at the 2008 Aurora Festival.

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