New works – The Metallic Violin, Funeral Windows

Two new compositions have recently been completed, both of which were commissioned by Ars Musica Australis.

Metallic ViolinFuneral Windows

The first new piece is entitled The Metallic Violin, and uses as its inspiration the manic, wild and over-the-top electric guitar solos commonly found in varieties of heavy metal music. Also I am making reference to the title of John Corigliano’s work The Red Violin, though in a very contrasting way! The Metallic Violin is for solo violin and lasts for about 8 minutes or so.

The second new piece is quite different to what would be considered my ‘typical’ music. It is called Funeral Windows and is written for solo basset clarinet, a larger clarinet that extends the range of the standard clarinet to a lower pitch. Mozart wrote his clarinet pieces for basset clarinet, and an increasing number of contemporary composers are now writing for it too. In Funeral Windows I imagine the thoughts, experiences and emotions of a passenger in a funeral car on their way between the funeral and burial services. It was composed for David Rowden, the amazing Sydney-based clarinettist.

I am also in the middle of composing a new work entitled Kulkadungu with William Barton. This will be premiered next year by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

4 thoughts on “New works – The Metallic Violin, Funeral Windows”

  1. hey matthew, the new pieces sound great! Hey, is there any info on the new aurora festival? I would love to come to Australia for it.

  2. hello!
    your new pieces sound extremely interesting! Is
    there anywhere I can get the score for the work
    The Metallic Violin? Maybe even a recording??

  3. The Metallic violin sounds like it wold be great! i play violin, and for the HSC i need to find an interesting piece by an Australian composer written in the last 25 years, if it were possible to get a recording or the score this sounds like it would be perfect.

  4. The Metallic Violin sounds brutal! Or rather….. It sounds as if it would sound brutal…. Can wait to hear it!

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