Violin Concertino: Summer Stories (2009)

for violin and piano
duration: approx. 15 minutes

three movements, each of which may be performed separately

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Programme Notes

Summer is my favorite season of the year. In Australia everyone is more relaxed in summer: taking time out, going on holidays and enjoying outdoor activities.

Each of the movements of this piece is inspired by an aspect of summer in this country. The first movement, Moderato, is based upon the long, flat roads of inland Australia. Travelling down these roads in a car, the outside heat bakes the bitumen and the wider landscape, producing a shimmering effect. It is symptomatic of a country which has existed for millions of years, and which will exist for millions more, long past humankind.

The second movement, Molto Andante, is also inspired heat by the image of an elderly person reminiscing on their verandah at a summer day’s end, remembering friends and relatives long passed away.

Fun at the beach is a typical aspect of summer in Australia enjoyed by millions of people every year. The playful mood of the final movement, Vivace Giocoso, was written with this in mind.

Violin Concertino was commissioned by Michael Patterson and Ars Musica Australis.

notes by Matthew Hindson, 2009.

CD Recording Available?

    Not currently available.

    The violin part in this work is deliberately written to be playable by violinists of between a Grade 7 and A.Mus.A Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) standard. It is a suitable work for performance for HSC or Year 12 music examinations.