3. String Works

Matthew Hindson – Catalogue of Works – String Works – newest to oldest

Solo String Works

Remembering Dixie
solo violin or violin and piano
(2012), 3 minutes

for solo violin (2009), 6 minutes

Song of Life
for solo violin (2007), 4 minutes
Audio of Song of Life from premiere performance (James Cuddeford, violin)

Basement Art Guru and other pieces
solo violin (2004), 12 minutes
Live performance of The Big 5-0 by Alexandra Wood (2011), one of the movements of Basement Art Guru.

solo viola (2004/6), 4 minutes

solo viola (2004/6), 3 minutes

harp (1998), 6 minutes

amplified acoustic guitar with effects pedals (1992), 12 minutes

String Duos

A Vision in Jade
for two violins (2011), 4 minutes

The Metallic Violins
for two violins (2008), 8 minutes
(excerpt: first three minutes)

baroque violin and harpsichord (2002), 16 minutes

Always on Time
violin and cello (2002), 2 minutes

two guitars (1998), 4 minutes

Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy
two violins (1998), 5 minutes (also violin and piano)
(excerpt from vln/pno version)

Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy
two violins (1993), 10 minutes (also violin and viola)

String Quartets and Quintets

String Quartet No. 3, “Ngeringa”
string quartet (2015), 16 minutes

String Quartet No. 2
string quartet (2013), 22 minutes

didjeridu and string quartet, also didjeridu and string orchestra (2005), 8 minutes

Industrial Night Music (String Quartet No. 1)
string quartet (2003), 16 minutes

guitar and string quartet, also oboe and string quartet (1998), 9 minutes

techno logic
string quartet with optional electronics or optional didjeridu (1997), 20 minutes

Four Score
four violins (1992), 4 minutes
Complete from Music for Young String Players

String Orchestra and Concertos

Violin Concerto No. 2
for violin, strings and percussion (2014), 24 minutes

for violin and string orchestra (2011), 11 minutes
(excerpt from middle of piece) 

Crime and Punishment
for double bass and strings (2011), 12 minutes

Ictalurus Punctatis
amplified cello and orchestra (2008), 7 minutes

Song and Dance
for string orchestra (2006), 12 minutes

Balkan Connection
string orchestra (2004), 15 minutes

Gentle Giant
string orchestra (2003), 2 minutes

string orchestra (2003), 4 minutes

The Rave and the Nightingale
string quartet and string orchestra (2001), 16 minutes
(excerpt – 1 minute from middle of piece)

In Memoriam: Amplified Cello Concerto
amplified cello and orchestra (2000), 30 minutes
(excerpt from cello cadenza, first movement)

(excerpt from Lament, first movement) 

(excerpt from opening section of second movement, “Celebration”)

Violin Concerto No. 1: Australian Postcards
violin and orchestra (2000), 27 minutes
(excerpt from opening of third movement (vln/pno reduction))

(excerpt from middle of third movement (vln/orch))

string orchestra (12 players) (2000), 20 minutes

Siegfried Interlude No. 4 (Ride of the Viola Valkyries)
eight violas (1998), 4 minutes

technologic 1-2
string orchestra + 1 percussion or CD (1998), 8 minutes
(excerpt from 2nd mvt.)

Violin and Piano

Song for Sophie
violin and piano (2012), 5 minutes

Remembering Dixie
violin and piano (or solo violin) (2012), 3 minutes

Violin Concertino: Summer Stories
violin and piano (2009), 15 minutes

violin and piano (2009), 11 minutes

violin and piano (2002), 16 minutes
(excerpt from vln./hpscd. version) 

Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy
violin and piano (1998/2002), 5 minutes

Cello and Piano

Love Serenade
cello and piano (1998), 7 minutes

Jungle Fever
cello and piano (1998), 6 minutes

cello and piano (1996), 8 minutes

Double Bass and Piano

double bass and piano (1998), 7 minutes