6. Keyboard

Sad Piano Volume 1
13 solo pieces for piano (2024)

Sad Piano Volume 2
11 solo pieces for piano (2024) – in preparation

Visible Weapon
for two pianos and pre-recorded track (2013), 10 minutes

Big Bang
for two pianos (2012), 7 minutes

Concerto for Two Pianos
two pianos and orchestra (2011), 24 minutes

Plastic Jubilation
piano and CD (2001), 12 minutes

First movement of Plastic Jubilation
Second movement of Plastic Jubilation

Pulse Magnet
two pianos and two percussion (2001), 15 minutes

Audio excerpt: from the first movement of Pulse Magnet

Mechanically Speaking
solo piano (2001), 5-6 minutes

Moments of Plastic Jubilation
solo piano (2000), 5 minutes

Recording of Moments of Plastic Jubilation, performed by Katarina Kroslakova

piano with electronic bass drum (1994), 6 minutes

Recording of AK-47

My Own Personal Robot
solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

Racing Greens
solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

Xmas Bells
solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

Gentle Giant
solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

Tiny Giant
solo piano (junior level) (2002), 1 minute

solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

Silent Movie
solo piano (approximately Grade 4) (2005), 3 minutes

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