8. Educational, Amateur

Note: these works were specifically written for educational purposes. Other works by Matthew Hindson from the above categories are also suitable for performance by non-professional performers as well.

cello and piano (approximately grade 3) (2005), 2 minutes

violin and piano (approximately grade 1), 2 minutes

By Jingoes
oboe and piano (approximately grade 4) (2004), 2 minutes

Granny Town
french horn and piano, also alto saxophone and piano (2004), 5 minutes

Junior String Orchestra Suite (also by Christine Myers)
junior level string orchestra (2003), 12 minutes

Bumpin’ Along
four violins (junior level) (2003), 2 minutes

Mechanical Windchimes
four violins (junior level) (2003), 2 minutes

My Own Personal Robot
solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

Racing Greens
solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

Xmas Bells
solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

Gentle Giant

solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

solo piano (junior level) (2002), 2 minutes

version for amateur orchestra (1997), 4 minutes

Lucky Seven
percussion ensemble (1997), 3 minutes

Robin Hood Variations
mixed ability junior string ensemble and piano (1995), 10 minutes

Believe in Yourself
large orchestra and massed female voices (1995), 7 minutes

four violins (1992), 4 minutes
audio http://hindson.com.au/Audio/FourScore.mp3
There is also a free CD available entitled Matthew Hindson: String Works for Young Players that you may request free of charge. Just send a message to Matthew Hindson below.


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