Writings: Essays, Articles, Resources

A series of articles, theses, essays etc. written by myself and others.

Email Correspondence (FAQs)

Past queries from students that may help others in writing essays and assignments.

The future of classical music? (2005)

An opinion piece written for the Fine Music journal, the journal of radio 2MBS-FM in Sydney.

Advancing Australia’s Fare (1997)

A speech given to The Orchestras of Australia Network 1998 conference about Australian Music and orchestras. Written by Matthew Hindson.

Popular Music Influences in the Compositions of Matthew Hindson (1997)

An essay paper written by Eleanor Lewis as part of the Australian Music Seminar at the University of Sydney, 1997. Written by Eleanor Lewis.

Question and Answer: Youth Music Australia Interview (1997)

A question and answer session that took place in 1997 prior to the performance of Rave-Elation by the combined forces of Camerata Australia and Camerata Scotland.

New Music: Now! Young composers, their work and ideas (1998)

An article that first appeared in Music Forum, the journal of the Music Council of Australia. Discusses the works of many of Australia’s younger generation of composers (1998). Written by Paul Stanhope.

2MBS-FM Article (1999)

A general article written by Rita Williams for 2MBS-FM Fine Music Magazine.

“Minimalism isn’t dead… it just smells funny” (1999)

Paper presented at “Minimalism and Architecture, Art, Performance”: a conference presented by Artspace and the University of Technology Faculty of Design architecture and Building, Saturday 3 July, 1999. Written by Diana Blom.

Dream Team (2000)
An article written for the Financial Review outlining some points on Australian composition and music, and the value of having superb performers and advocates.

“He may be composed, but he goes to some wild places” (2002)

Feature article from the Sydney Morning Herald outlining some typical points and queries about my compositions.

2MBS-FM Article (2001)

Another general article written by Rita Williams for 2MBS-FM Fine Music Magazine.

Ph.D. exegesis (2002)

A dissertation outlining some of my principles of composing up to the end of 2000 and overviews/analyses of several works, including Chrissietina’s Magic FantasySpeed, technologic 2, the three Siegfried Interludes, Rush, Boom-Box and In Memoriam.

Ellipse Interview (2002)

An interview with Diana Simmonds from The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)

Interview with Faber Music Chorale magazine (2003)

Interview conducted by Lottie Fenby including some general questions about composing, as well as about writing with texts.

Writing for School and Amateur Orchestras (2005)

A paper given to the 2005 The Orchestras of Australia network conference.

The 5 Cs of grant applications (2014)

Five helpful tips on writing grant applications to organisations such as the Australia Council

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