5. Mixed Ensemble, Non-string Solos, Duos

solo pipa (2024), 4 minutes. Under construction.

solo saxophone (2020), 4 minutes.

solo snare drum (2020), 5-7 minutes, depending on the player. View score

Funeral Oration
solo trumpet (2017), 3 minutes. View score

carillon (2017), 3 minutes. View score

Champagne Fanfare
flute duet (2017/2021), 5 minutes.

This Year’s Apocalypse
mixed ensemble of 14 players (1.0.ca.1.ssax.1 – 1010 – perc(1): BD/tam-t/cym/wdbl/c.bell/rototoms – pno – 2vln.vla.vlc.db)
(2016), 12 minutes.

Live performance of This Year’s Apocalypse given by Verbrugghen Ensemble, Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Horn soloist: David Thompson

piano trio (2016), 6 minutes. View score

Scenes from Romeo and Juliet
suite for saxophone quartet (2016), 25 minutes. View score

“Overture” from Scenes from Romeo and Juliet
“Romeo” from Scenes from Romeo and Juliet

The Accelerating Hi-Hat
solo hi-hat (2014), 4 minutes. View score

Epic Diva
piano quartet (2012), 6 minutes. View score

Light is both a particle and a wave
flute, clarinet in A, piano, string quartet (2010), 20 minutes. View score

Video Game Dreaming
saxophone quartet (1996/2010), 13 minutes. View score

Live performance of the third movement, “GameBoy Music” by the Continuum Saxophone Quartet.

Solo marimba (2010), 5 minutes. View score

An Australian Fanfare (for CAS)
2 horns, 4 tpts, 2 troms, bass trom, tuba (2009), 4 minutes

flute, clarinet, string quartet, piano (2009), 6 minutes

flute, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass (2009), 8 minutes. View score

Audio excerpt – live performance of Septet

Central Australian Song
soprano, oboe, Eb clarinet, horn, violin, piano (2009), 15 minutes
view score

Funeral Windows
solo bassett clarinet (2009), 8 minutes
view score

Piano Trio
(2007), 16 minutes. View score

Audio: premiere performance, 3rd mvt., “Epic Diva

Undergrowths (from Love, Death, Music and Plants)
Baritone and guitar (2003), 5 minutes
Audio excerpt from version with vln, vc:

Spirit Song
Shakuhachi, Perc (1), Piano, Violin, Cello (2006), 10 minutes

didjeridu and string quartet, also didjeridu and string orchestra (2005), 8 minutes. View score

Audio excerpt – final two minutes of Didjeribluegrass

Comin’ Right Atcha
amplified ensemble of Cl, Bn, Tpt, Trom, Kit, Pno, Vln, D.Bass (2002), 12 minutes. View score
also in a version for Fl/Picc, Ob, Cl, Bn, Hn, Tpt, Trom, 1 Perc, Piano, 2xVln, Vla, Vc, Db (2006). View score

Audio excerpt from the first 2 minutes of Comin’ Right Atcha

Pulse Magnet
two pianos and two percussion (2001), 15 minutes
Audio excerpt, first two minutes of 1st mvt (live performance): 
view score

Light Music
woodwind quintet (2007), 12 minutes. View score

Excerpt from the first movement of Light Music
Excerpt from the second movement of Light Music

amplified shakuhachi and audio playback (2008), 11 minutes
view score

Siegfried Interlude No. 1
4 horns, 2 tpts, 2 troms, tuba.
1 horn, 4tpts, 4 troms, tuba (1999), 4 minutes. Optional percussion.

Live recording of Siegfried Interlude No. 1

Siegfried Interlude No. 2
picc., flute, ob., c.angl., cl., b.cl., bsn., contrabsn (1999), 3 minutes
view score

Audio of soprano saxophone/piano arrangement of Siegfried Interlude No. 2

Siegfried Interlude No. 3
3 perc. (1999), 3 minutes

Insect Songs
mezzo soprano and guitar (1998), 11 minutes. View score

Recording of “Cicadas at Night” by Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo), Vladimir Gorbach (guitar)

guitar and string quartet, also oboe and string quartet (1998), 9 minutes
also for piano trio (2015)
Audio excerpt:
view score guitar and string quartet version
view score oboe and string quartet version
view score piano trio version

technologic 145
fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, tpt, trom, hp, 2 vln, vla, vc, db (1998), 14 minutes

Excerpt from the start of the second movement of technologic 145

amplified flute, amplified clarinet, piano with effects pedals, optional drum machine (1997), 14 minutes

First three minutes of DeathStench

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