Pulse Magnet (2001)

for two pianos and two percussion list of percussion required: Percussion 1: Brake Drum, Orchestral Bass Drum, Vibraphone with motor, 5 Temple Blocks, 2 Gongs, 2 Congas, 2 Bongos, Tam-Tam, Glockenspiel, 3 Suspended Cymbals, Whistle, Large Siren. Percussion 2: Brake Drum, Orchestral Bass Drum, Glockenspiel (all shared with Perc. 1), Giant Woodblock or Temple Block, Chicken Shaker, Drum Kit comprising: S. Dr., B. Dr., Toms, Hi-Hat, Large Crash, Medium Crash, Ride, Splash, 3 Temple Blocks, 2 Cowbells, Tambourine duration: 16 Continue reading Pulse Magnet (2001)

Moments of Plastic Jubilation (1999)

for piano solo duration: 5 minutes Audio recording performed by Katarina Kroslakova. Performance of Moments of Plastic Jubilation by Sabina Im: Programme Notes “…Techno music, nominated by Hindson as his stylistic starting point, is the sort of music you make when you want to grind your heel – ever so nonchalantly – on the old idea of music as a nobly expressive, humane activity. “Its mechanical repetitiveness of figuration and beat is a finger sign to musical as tradition – Continue reading Moments of Plastic Jubilation (1999)

AK-47 (1994)

for piano and electronic bass drum (electronic bass drum may be omitted) duration: 6 minutes Faber Music publishing details Audio Programme Notes ‘Indeed, one may only ponder what Kalishnikov himself would make of that magnum opus of stertorous borborygms, Matthew Hindson’s AK-47 , a piano solo composed in 1994 (with optional electronic bass drum). Whilst it is still rare that art works are named after implements of destruction, in this case the title seems eminently suitable. From the outset, there Continue reading AK-47 (1994)