New work: Video Game Dreaming

Update: Arranged for saxophone quartet A new work has just been completed: Video Game Dreaming for clarinet quartet (1xEb, 2xBb, bass clarinets). It is a work in three movements with a duration of approximately 14 minutes. It was composed for the Clarity4 clarinet quartet, an excellent ensemble based in Canberra. Here are the programme notes. i. Start Select Pause Reset ii. Gamer’s Hypnagogia iii. GameBoy Music Video Game Dreaming is a work written in response to video games, their characteristics Continue reading New work: Video Game Dreaming

technologic 145 (1998)

for large chamber ensemble harp or piano duration: 14 minutes Faber Music publishing details Audio Excerpt Excerpt from start of 2nd mvt: Programme Notes technologic 145 is a work in three movements. The first is a slow-moving, grinding introduction which features a didjeridu-like cello solo. The second movement is an energetic and vibrant work featuring virtuosic and rhythmic playing from most members of the ensemble. The final movement acts a slower, more contemplative summary. As the title suggests, Continue reading technologic 145 (1998)

Pulse Magnet (2001)

for two pianos and two percussion list of percussion required: Percussion 1: Brake Drum, Orchestral Bass Drum, Vibraphone with motor, 5 Temple Blocks, 2 Gongs, 2 Congas, 2 Bongos, Tam-Tam, Glockenspiel, 3 Suspended Cymbals, Whistle, Large Siren. Percussion 2: Brake Drum, Orchestral Bass Drum, Glockenspiel (all shared with Perc. 1), Giant Woodblock or Temple Block, Chicken Shaker, Drum Kit comprising: S. Dr., B. Dr., Toms, Hi-Hat, Large Crash, Medium Crash, Ride, Splash, 3 Temple Blocks, 2 Cowbells, Tambourine duration: 16 Continue reading Pulse Magnet (2001)

Comin’ Right Atcha (2002)

for mixed chamber ensemble version 1: amplified ensemble of clarinet, bassoon, trpt, trom, kit, pno, vln, db version 2: 15 member chamber ensemble: kit pno duration: 9-10 minutes Faber Music publishing details available for version 1 and version 2 Audio Excerpt: 2 minutes from towards the start of the work. Programme Notes The initial source of inspiration for Comin’ Right Atcha came from a conversation with the conductor of the Absolute Ensemble, Kristjan Jaarvi. He encouraged me to write Continue reading Comin’ Right Atcha (2002)

DeathStench (1995)

for amplified flute (with effects – distortion and octaver pedal), amplified clarinet (with effects – reverb pedal) and amplified piano. Optional drum machine. duration: 15 minutes Faber Music publishing details Audio Excerpt First three minutes: Complete piece (15 minutes): Programme Notes DeathStench is concerned with three main ideas: firstly, a programmatic reference to physical death, and the instinctive fight of any being to resist its onset; secondly, a contemplation of life experiences before the point of a being’s death, and Continue reading DeathStench (1995)