Thank you, Peter Sculthorpe (1929-2014)

Peter Sculthorpe was my teacher, mentor and friend since I started learning with him in 1987. In addition he is without doubt one of the most original and unique composers that Australia has ever had. The following is the text of a speech given at him memorial service at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 29 October 2014. Just like so many attendees here tonight, I got to know Peter via being a student at the Music Department at the University Continue reading Thank you, Peter Sculthorpe (1929-2014)

2012 Composer in Residence, ANAM

This year I am very pleased to be the Composer in Residence at the Australian National Academy of Music. Many of my pieces will be performed, plus I have curated a concert of the music of Paul Stanhope and will be running a composition weekend as well. Here is a blog article about the position. It is a great honour to be attached in this way to this important Australian institution.

Changing from Finale to Sibelius – initial thoughts

My publishers, Faber Music, have long been saying to me they can offer a better service if I use Sibelius rather than Finale for my music notation software (they are very long-standing Sibelius users). With the release of Sibelius 7, it seems that Sibelius are really making an effort to include features to woo long-standing Finale users. I’ve been using Finale since 1991 – older than some of my composition students – so making such a change is obviously a Continue reading Changing from Finale to Sibelius – initial thoughts

Research from Australia Council on artist incomes

The Australia Council recently released reports from Prof David Throsby and Prof Stuart Cunningham into artists’ incomes in Australia. The following Youtube clip serves as a really good summary: Artist income summary video A summary and a copy of the findings of the two reports is available from the Artists Careers section of the Australia Council website.

Violin fingering reference for composers

Here is a document I have created that lists the notes on each string. It is intended to help young composers writing for violin to work out which chords etc. are possible. It is a violin fingering guide. Click on the image to download the PDF. There is a good article on harmonics with a useful table at: