Premiere recording of “Nintendo Music”

Nintendo Music, for clarinet in A and piano, has recently been recorded by Marcel Luxen (clarinet) and Shane Thio (piano). For a sneak peak check out Marcel’s site at and click on the Listen tag at the bottom of the image on the new page. It’s a wonderful recording and captures the joy of 8 bit gaming very well. I am told by other clarinettists that successfully performing some of this piece is as difficult as beating Battletoads, so Continue reading Premiere recording of “Nintendo Music”

Two new violin works

Two works for violin and piano have recently been completed. The first of these is the Violin Concertino: Summer Stories. This work was commissioned by Michael Patterson and Ars Musica Australis. Mike Patterson particularly wanted a work in which the solo violin part was not too difficult – that is, it would be playable by violinists of standard between Grades 7 and A.Mus.A. AMEB levels. The work is subtitled “Summer Stories” because each of its three movements relates in some Continue reading Two new violin works

Moments of Plastic Jubilation (1999)

for piano solo duration: 5 minutes Audio recording performed by Katarina Kroslakova. Performance of Moments of Plastic Jubilation by Sabina Im: Programme Notes “…Techno music, nominated by Hindson as his stylistic starting point, is the sort of music you make when you want to grind your heel – ever so nonchalantly – on the old idea of music as a nobly expressive, humane activity. “Its mechanical repetitiveness of figuration and beat is a finger sign to musical as tradition – Continue reading Moments of Plastic Jubilation (1999)

Violin Concertino: Summer Stories (2009)

for violin and piano duration: approx. 15 minutes three movements, each of which may be performed separately Faber Music publishing details Audio None yet.   Programme Notes Summer is my favorite season of the year. In Australia everyone is more relaxed in summer: taking time out, going on holidays and enjoying outdoor activities. Each of the movements of this piece is inspired by an aspect of summer in this country. The first movement, Moderato, is based upon the long, flat Continue reading Violin Concertino: Summer Stories (2009)

Maralinga (2009)

for violin and piano duration: approx. 11 minutes Faber Music publishing details, also available in a version for violin and string orchestra Audio None yet available.   Programme Notes The Australian aboriginal word Maralinga may sound quite beautiful to people outside of Australia, but to Australians its connotations are much more sinister. In the early 1950s, the nuclear arms race was underway amongst the major nations of the world. Great Britain wanted to test its recently acquired nuclear weapons, and Continue reading Maralinga (2009)