Aurora Festival wins 2007 Classical Award

2007 Awards

The music festival of which I am the artistic director, the Aurora Festival, last night won the award for Most Outstanding Contribution by an Organisation in the 2007 Classical Music Awards. These annual awards are presented by APRA and the Australian Music Centre at a ceremony at the Wharf Theatre in Sydney.

It was very gratifying to receive this recognition for the important work that the Aurora Festival achieved in 2006. We presented 13 concerts as well as lectures, workshops, a conference and even the publication of a book. The festival is based largely in Western Sydney, an area of 2 million people that is blessed by fabulous modern venues and supportive people. Our co-presenter, ABC Classic FM, broadcast many of the concerts to an estimated audience of over 200,000 people.


Most pleasing is that through the 2006 Aurora Festival we were able to contribute to the cultural life of Western Sydney and Australia as a whole.

2 thoughts on “Aurora Festival wins 2007 Classical Award”

  1. Dear Matthew
    im a big fan i love your work. classical music isnt my favourite Genre but im a musican too and i see how much work you put into your music, which is the main reason i love your music so much. Anyway im a 13yr old student, and in music class i had to pick a composer to do an assignment on, and i picked you. And i was wondering if i could ask you a couple of Questions if thats okay.

    1)Who are some compossers that inspired you to become a classical musican?

    2) When you first started what was your main goal to achive?

    3) what are some interesting things that have happend to you during your carrer?

    Theres alot more questions then that but i figured them out but these three i had trouble finding an answer to?
    so if you could answer them i would really appreciate that:)
    keep up the good work (Y) mitchell

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