Basement Art Guru and other pieces (2004)

for solo violin

four movements:

  • i. The Big 5-0 (2 minutes)
  • ii. Basement Art Guru (3 minutes)
  • iii. 2+5 <> 6 (4 minutes)
  • iv. Repetepetition (2.5 minutes)

Each movement may be performed individually.

Faber Music publishing details, viola version of 2+5<>6 can be found here.

Audio Excerpts

The Big 5-0 (live performance by Alex Wood (2011):

Excerpt from 2+5<> 6:

Excerpt from Repetepetition:

Programme NotesBasement Art Guru and other pieces

      is a series of short compositional etudes, each one exploring a particular facet of compositional techniques.

The Big 5-0

      was written in honour of the 50th birthday of Fr. Arthur Ernest Bridge, and uses only the note-names FAEB (i.e. from his name).

Basement Art Guru

      takes as a starting point a theme by Australian composer

Stuart Greenbaum

      and rearranges it in different ways, much like an anagram rearranges letters in a word to form new words.

2+5<> 6

      is certainly a strange title for a composition. In this composition the intervals between simultaneous or consecutive note are limited to a minor second, a perfect fifth or a major sixth.


      takes as a starting point the process of repeating a section of material and either adding material to it or taking some away.

notes by Matthew Hindson.

CD Recording Available?

    Not at present.

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