Velvet Dreams

for massed SATB choir and orchestra (2222 – 4221 – timp – perc(4): tam-t/3 susp.cym/hi-hat/drum kit (BD/SD/cym/4 or 5 tom-t)/shaker/tamb/ c. bell/2 wdbl/whip/vib or mar – pno – strings)

also available in a version for SATB choir and piano.

duration: 6 minutes

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Programme Notes

      During a period of correspondence with the reclusive Australian violist-turned-truck-driver Jock Reby, my attention was directed towards a notepad of graffiti that Reby had transcribed from the toilet walls of an English Language School in Bangkok. It seems that the students of the school had used the practice of writing on toilet walls as a means of experimenting with their English.

Consequently it contained some quite bizarre interpretations of the English Language. One piece of writing referred incessantly to “velvet dreams”, and their relationship to the writer’s missing (romantic) partner. Despite the often-unclear nature much of the text (what exactly is a “velvet dream”?), it was evident that the author felt very strongly about the subject.

This work for choir and orchestra has therefore utilised fragments of the so-called “Velvet Dreams” text, together with some extra texts written in a similar style by myself and the contemporary poet Sarah Hindson.

Programme note by Matthew Hindson

CD Recording Available?

      Not at this time. The

Australian Music Centre

    has a copy of one the live concert performances in their library.

Other Information

      Also available: also available: an educational kit based on this work has been created by Felicia Chadwick, comprising analysis and further general classroom-based activities – contact Matthew Hindson for more information on this. A copy of this kit can also be found in the

Australian Music Centre


7 thoughts on “Velvet Dreams”

  1. hello Mathew, I go to Carey Baptist Grammar School And studie the double bass player playing your piece “Velvet Dreams” in our School Symphony orchestra (under the exelent conducting and leader ship of Mr Roland Yueng) and although i will play it am also singing it in the School Choir at the moment. what inspired you to write this exilerating Piece of Music, Further more. do you know when this piece will be Available for purchase on a cd.
    Thank you and please write more Unique pieces Like this one

  2. hi my name is james jackson and i also go to Carey Baptist Grammar School and have played your peices in in our School Symphony orchestra. i play the cello and LOVE the solo in velvet dreams and light speed.
    thanks for composing such great pieces
    james jackson

  3. Hi Matthew,
    I am now 6 years into the workforce and have always had a passion for your piece Velvet dreams. A long time ago now, my school along with many other schools performed the piece at the opera house, let me tell you what a privellege it was. I must express my disappointment that the live feed does not contain the entire piece. I would love to get my hands on a copy the song has always stayed with me, I sing it al the time.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi,

    In 1999 I was an exchange student from Costa Rica, living in Orange, NSW. I had the pleasure of singing your piece at the Opera House, and I fell in love with it. I was wondering if it was possible to get an mp3 copy of it.
    I will appreciate very much your help.

  5. Wow – I also sang in that choir at the Opera House in 1999- today was the first time I’ve heard Velvet Dreams in almost ten years. I almost forgot how awesome it is and it’s my favourite piece of music. Ever. Where can I purchase the whole recording? The link above doesn’t work!

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