Dangerous Creatures (2009)

a suite for orchestra (picc.1.1.ca.2.1.cbsn – 4231 – timp – perc(2) – harp – strings)

duration: 21 minutes

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Audio Excerpts
Excerpt from Big Black Bear (first movement)

Programme Notes

1. Big Black Bear
2. Spiders
3. Jellyfish
4. Army Ants
5. Rhinoceros Tango
6. Scorpions
7. Humans

This work was commissioned by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and premiered by them on 8 March, 2009, cond. David Angus.

This piece was conceived as a contemporary Carnival of the Animals, except filled with animals that can hurt or harm us. The animals range from the enormous (Big Black Bears) to the tiny (Spiders, Army Ants, Scorpions). Each movement depicts the animals in question, and some of the movements depict pictorial interactions between humans and the animals in question: for example, waking at night to find a scorpion in one’s tent. And speaking of humans, the work concludes with the most dangerous creature of all.

notes by Matthew Hindson


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Not yet.

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