Mace (1992)

for amplified acoustic guitar with effects pedals
duration: 10 minutes

Audio Excerpts
Excerpt from final third of piece:

Complete piece:

Programme Notes

    Mace is a virtuoso work for solo guitar composed in 1992 for the outstanding Melbourne-based guitarist, Ken Murray.

    The word ‘mace’ has two associations relevant to this work: firstly the medieval spiked club, and secondly, the spray used to ward off muggers. Both meanings give an idea as to the prodominantly violent and aggressive nature of the piece.

    Mace has been performed a large number of times throughout the world, including the Gaudeamus Music Festival in Holland (September 1993).

CD Recording Available?

    A disc entitled Between Earth and Air, recorded by Ken Murray contains this work. Contact the Australian Music Centre for more information.

Other information

    The score for this work is not currently available as it requires entry into computer notation.

    I hope to turn this work into a concerto for guitar and strings at some time in the future.

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