Flash Madness (2006)

for orchestra (fl.picc.ob.ca.2.2 – 4230 – timp – perc(1) – harp – strings) – harp can be played on piano if necessary

duration: 5 minutes

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Audio Excerpt

None available at this time.

Programme Notes
Flash Madness began its life as a work for solo xylophone, written in a hotel room in Brisbane in between rehearsals of my music by The Queensland Orchestra. This new version of the piece is for orchestra, and broadly follows the structure of the original xylophone work, while introducing and expanding the original material.
The two words in the title Flash Madnessgive some clue as to the work’s character and content. The “flash” refers to the very fast tempo, while the “madness” refers to the many changes in character within the piece itself. Different sections of the orchestra are highlighted quite separately from one another, almost as if the various personalities of the orchestra are each struggling to dominate and be heard.

Programme note by Matthew Hindson, 2006

CD Recording Available?

    Not at this time.

Other Information

      This work was performed in 2006 education concerts given by

The Queensland Orchestra

      and the

Sydney Sinfonia


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