Song of Life (2007)

for solo violin

duration: 4 minutes

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Programme Notes

Fr. Arthur Bridge is the progenitor and driving force behind Ars Music Australis, an arts support body in Australia that has commissed over 150 new works by Australian and international composers. Without Fr. Arthur Bridge, the Australian contemporary art music scene would be in a very sorry state indeed. History will list him with such patrons of the arts as the Medici family in renaissance Venice: there has been no-one of his achievements in the history of the Australian arts.

In late 2006 Fr. Bridge was taken ill and rushed to intensive care in a hospital in Sydney. His situation was very much touch-and-go. However the thing about Fr. Bridge is that he is a fighter. If anyone could stare death in the face and refuse to succumb, it would be him. Consequently he recovered and at the time of writing, looks healthier than I’ve ever seen him, just 2 months after being basically dead.

Song of Lifeis a tribute to Fr. Bridge’s fighting spirit and triumph of adversity.

notes by Matthew Hindson.

CD Recording Available?

    Not at present.

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