Piano Trio (2007)

for violin, cello and piano
duration: 16 minutes

Faber Music publishing details, including online score preview


Live recording of the third movement at the Camden Haven Festival
Recording of the first movement, Piano Trio (NB is a little slow, but an impressive performance nonetheless)

Programme Notes

The structure of this Piano Trio follows that of many classical and romantic works for the same instrumentation: fast, slow, fast.

The work opens with a spirited, very fast movement that is scherzo-like in most of its character: light, airy and playfully rhythmic. It is written as a Moto Perpetuo, i.e. it doesn’t really stop from start to finish. It does slow down in places… but quickly speeds up again.

In contrast, the second movement, entitled “Repetitions”, is much more lyrical in content. This movement explores melodic ideas placed upon a repeated chord progression from start to finish. The chords themselves are reminiscent of those found in the trance music genre.

The final movement, “Epic Diva”, takes its title from the genre of singing commonly found in anthemic electronic-based dance music. Much of the musical content in this movement is similarly derived from contemporary dance music genres, especially repetitious chord progressions and the piano writing. It is very much an upbeat movement, full of energy and vitality.

This piece was funded with the assistance of the Australia Council, the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body.
notes by Matthew Hindson.

CD Recording Available?

This piece has been recorded by the Benaud Trio in 2012.  While the tempos are perhaps a bit on the careful side, it is a good recording!

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